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Presenters Information

Instruction for Invited Talk and Oral Presentation

Please note that the time allocated for your oral presentation is 10 minutes (Invited Talk 15 min). Please be sure that you strictly comply with such time allocation.

Q&A for oral presentation will be conducted at the end of each oral presentation session (please refer to schedule in the AseanPharmNET 2017 Programme book and website).

There will be no Q&A for Invited talks.

To avoid last minute computer-related technical problem that may arise, we encourage you to upload your presentation files to the laptop located in parallel session locations between 8am – 12pm on 21st November 2017.

The locations for each parallel session are as follows:

Parallel Session Track Oral Presentation Locations
PE Season 3, Level 1
PC Grand Ballroom, Level 2
PD Avenue 9, Level 1
BB Avenue 10, Level 1
CS Avenue 11, Level 1

Scientific Tracks:
Pharmacy Education & Pharmacy Practice (PE)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Natural Product (PC)
Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery System (PD)
Biopharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (BB)
Clinical Pharmacy / Social & Administrative Pharmacy (CS)

Please prepare your presentation files using Microsoft Powerpoint version 97-2003 or higher or other compatible software. The official language of the conference is English. The presentation equipment provided is a computer with USB port and a projector. If you would like to use your own Mac Laptop or Ultrabook for your presentation, please prepare your own VGA Adapter for your presentation.

Instructions for Poster Presentation

Please prepare your poster must not exceed the dimensions of width 841 mm x height 1189 mm (or 33.1 x 46.8 in). The official language of the conference is English. The poster presentation code will be listed on the upper corner of a board to guide you the location of board to mount your poster. Make sure that the poster presentation code in the AseanPharmNET 2017 Programme Book matches the poster presentation code of a board before you mount your poster on the board. Velcros will be supplied at the Registration or Secretariat Desk.

If you need any assistance, please contact the Secretariat Help Desk during the conference hours.

The location of Poster presentation is in the Grand Ballroom

Poster Presenters are required to be present at their Posters in the schedule below.  Please be present at your poster during your presentation time to maximize your chance of networking and presenting your valuable work to international and local attendees.

Date 21 November 2017 22 November 2017
Track Poster Presenters Time: 13:30-14:00
Location: Grand Ballroom
PE PE-P-1 – PE-P-7 PE-P-8 – PE-P-13
PC PC-P-1 – PC-P-30 PC-P-31– PC-P-64
PD PD-P-1 – PD-P-8 PD-P-9 – PD-P-15
BB BB-P-1 – BB-P-8 BB-P-9 – BB-P-15
CS CS-P-1 – CS-P-30 CS-P-31 – CS-P-49
ALL Poster mounting date and time: 21 November 2017, 07:30-09:00
ALL Poster detaching date and time: 22 November 2017, 15:00–16:30

Please mount and detach your poster on a poster board according to the mounting and detaching date & time stated in the table above.



Grand Ballroom Foyer, Level 2

Keynote and Plenary Talks, Posters Presentation

Grand Ballroom, Level 2

Parallel Sessions (Invited and Oral Presentations)


Pharmacy Education & Pharmacy Practice (PE)

Season 3, Level 1

Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Natural Product (PC)

Grand Ballroom, Level 2

Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery System (PD)

Avenue 9, Level 1

Biopharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (BB)

Avenue 10, Level 1

Clinical Pharmacy / Social & Administrative Pharmacy (CS)

Avenue 11, Level 1

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